Paulette Bennett’s Obituary in the Casket today….

Added to the site on June 27, 2013

To all
       As most of you all know we lost a great friend and curling companion on June 14th of this year. Paulette Bennett was dedicated volunteer at the club. Her obituary is in the Casket today. Here is a link to the website: Our condolences go out to Paulette’s family and friend’s.

MacPherson Lake Fishing Derby

Added to the site on June 18, 2013

For this year’s MacPherson Lake Fishing Derby the Chedabucto CC Juniors were invited by the Fish and Game Association — with assistance from AA Munro Insurance (with the Club’s sincere gratitude) — to provide the derby’s canteen services.
Thank you to AA Munro Insurance for their generous support to enable the Juniors’ league to provide that canteen service. Wayne Ezekiel, President, AA Munro Insurance, provided the burgers, dogs, buns, condiments, water, and pop that were sold by the Club’s Juniors as a Club fundraiser.
Junior League parents (present and past) donated chili, cinnamon rolls, banana bread and other goodies to enable the day’s efforts to be successful. In addition to donated goodies, workers also gave freely of their time. Thank you to Janet Grant for her day-long assistance and to Phil O’Regan for overseeing the barbeque and getting the burgers done to perfection. Megan Cody was the Junior on hot dogs to contribute to our busy but enjoyable day.
Best regards to all!

Guysborough Youth Travel Group

Added to the site on June 6, 2013

The Curling Club is serving another community use this weekend.

The Guysborough Youth Travel Group will be accepting bottles and cans as donations to their travel needs.  On Saturday, June 8, donations may be taken to the Club’s yard where they will be sold to Floss Recyclables as proceeds back to the Youth Travel Group.  Floss’s hours on Saturday are 10:00 AM until 2:00 PM.