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Looking for volunteers for the Duckie Race….

As we all know, things just don’t happen. People need to contribute some time and energy to guarantee events are worthy of presenting and attending.
With the upcoming BBQ and Duckie Race on August 4 much energy is going into its preparation but assistance is still required.
Members might be getting a phone call or a request to contribute some time. We are not seeking many hours — much less. The action that I am promoting is for as many members (Juniors’ parents included) to give some time — whatever is possible along with the person’s other responsibilities.
So as to save the Executive some phone calls, a call from you to an executive member would be appreciated and save us some time to devote to other event requirements.

Sunday, August 4 — help is needed!

In need of stick draw prizes for Duckie Race/Chicken BBQ on Aug 4th…..

One component of the fund raising at the Club’s August 4th Chicken BBQ / Duckie Race is the popular stick draw. So as to have a positive response regarding that game of chance the Club needs prizes for the stick purchasers to win.
At the Club’s July 9 Executive meeting the decision was made to ask all members (and others) to donate prizes to assist the success of the stick draws. The Executive’s request was for all members to donate something worth $5.00 or more and for that something to be of a quality to attract participants to purchase the numbered sticks. Along that same thought, if we all check what is stored within corners or at the back of closets in our homes I am certain that there are items that would serve quite well for prizes.
The other thought was for those who have business connections — or be willing to ask businesses — to seek promotional prizes from those business. The prizes should be of value to entice stick purchases. For example, during the recent ExxonMobil mock disaster exercise at the Club, ExxonMobil gave the Club two collapsible concert chairs that each retail in the area of $25.00 — two nice prizes for two lucky draw winners. We are not saying all prizes must be of such value, just to have winnings that will entice people to participate. Councillor MacPherson has already consented to providing some prizes both from his business and from the Municipality of the District of Guysborough.
Any prizes that you can provide may be left with any of the Club’s Executive by July 31: Paula Dobson, Holly Nahrebecky, Kay Chisholm, Phil O’Regan, Lois MacDonald, Brian Farrell and yours truly.
Please respond to the prizes request in a positive manner because your assistance is needed and — as always — will be sincerely appreciated.

Floss Bottle Recycling back at the club….

Floss Bottle Exchange will be back at the Club’s parking lot effective Saturday, July 13. Floss’s hours of operation at the Club will be on Saturdays from 10:00 AM until 2:00 PM. It is our hope that Floss’s collection service to this region will be ultilized by many.
If people wish to donate the proceeds of their bottle sales to Chedabucto CC please inform Wolfgang Floss, or his representative, of those wishes and he will record such requests. Bottle donations to the Club are not required — but will be truly appreciated. The volunteered donations to Chedabucto CC are another means via which the Club raises funds for its many operational expenses.

2013 Duckie Race at the club

The duckie race tickets for the “big swim” on August 4 at 3pm in the brook beside the club are on the move. We have distributed tickets to club members but will gladly accept all offers to sell more on behalf of the Club. The Club has had 1000 tickets printed with the 1000 plastic birds being inspected to ensure that they are ready for the race. Ticket prices are $5.00 each or five for $20.

If you have not received tickets or do not live in this area, the Club can still accommodate you.  If you contact me via email or phone (533.2528) or the postal service (PO Box 44, Guysborough B0H 1N0) I will be pleased to put your name on tickets for your opportunity to win $500 or $300 or $100 or — if you have a couple of strong swimmers — some combined amounts. The only requirement is that I have your money by the end of July so the Club can record your purchases and get your ducks into the race. (Your cheque made out to CAS or the cash will be fine.)

For all who want additional tickets, they can contact any of the Club’s Executive and that person will ensure that tickets are available. The Executive consists of Paula Dobson, Kay Chisholm, Holly Nahrebecky, Phil O’Regan, LoisMacDonald, Brian Farrell and Ray Bates.

So we can record the ducks sold we hope for moneys and purchased tickets to be submitted as soon as possible with July 31 being our hoped-for date for submissions. Marie MacMaster has once again kindly agreed for her home’s side door to be available as a drop-off location. Marie will leave her door’s window slightly ajar for when she is not home. Any of the Executive will also be pleased to accept tickets and moneys.

The duckie race and the chicken barbeque (also on August 4) are major fund-raisers thus your support is necessary, appreciated and — as always —will be extremely helpful to the Club’s ongoing expenses.