Monthly Archives: October 2013

Rings and Lines are in the house….

Ice-making at the club officially began last Thursday and the painting was completed in one night on Thursday of this week. The rings and lines went in last night. After a few more days of sprays the flooding can start again to build up the ice surface. We would like to thank George and his team of many including Phil, Brian, Blair, Neil, Joe, Gerry, Steve, Basil and Brian F. The season should start on Monday Nov. 4th. Day League teams have been set. If there is anyone else out there that wants to curl days please contact Neil DeCoff now at 533-3629. The Night League teams will be arranged soon. Calls will go out starting on Monday. Please contact Phil O’Regan at 533-2539 if you want to curl on Tues and/or Thurs night and/or if you just want to spare.


The Strait Area Community Curling Club in Port Hawkesbury is having their annual Cash bonspiel “MULGRAVE MACHINE WORKS OPEN CASHSPIEL” on Nov. 22-24/13.

Guarantee of $1,000.00 to the “A” Winner

Entry Fee = $200.00/Team

Entertainment Friday & Saturday Night Supper provided on Saturday Maximum 16 Teams.

Contact: Donald MacCuspic (H) 902-625-0538, © 902-623-1638

Email: Or SACCC Curling Club @ 902-625-1824

Delivery Stick Clinic on Nov. 16th…

We are pleased to inform all that the Nova Scotia Stick Delivery Champions for 2012 – 2013 will be conducting a workshop on using the delivery stick at our Club on Saturday, November 16.
This workshop will be available to Club members at no cost to the members. Proceeds to cover the cost will come from a Nova Scotia Seniors Department grant awarded to Chedabucto CC.
The plan is for Ron Crowe and Bill Spinney, Truro Curling Club, to offer a morning 2 hours session and to do another 2 hour session after lunch.

Once November arrives more details will become available.

New recyling business on Saturdays this year….

Wolfgang Floss has sold the recycling business to Yvonne and Ellsworth DeCoste.  They will continue to  operate as Wolfgang and Paulette did but under the DeCoste’s business name of Tracadie Recovery Group. The hours to sell recyclables at the Club will remain the same: Saturday’s 10 AM until 2 PM.
If individuals wish to continue to donate recyclable proceeds to the Club we will happily accept it.  Your name will be recorded at that time within a binder, you will initial the amount and the Club will get the donations as month’s end.