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Edgar Sceles Memorial and 50/50 draw…..

The rocks will be roaring tonight and all day tomorrow at the Chedabucto CC for the Edgar Sceles Memorial Spiel.  The 8 registered teams start their games tonight at 6:30 PM and are out of the hacks tomorrow at 11:00 AM. On Saturday evening the Club will be entertained with the musical talents of Reid Jamieson.

Since we want to fatten the purse for this week’s 50/50 draw, that too will happen on Saturday evening thus if you have tickets to turn in please have them to me or to the Club’s bar for the 8:00 PM drawing.

Cheers and hopefully I’ll have the pleasure if chatting with you at the Club tonight and/or tomorrow.


Edgar Sceles Memorial a go for this weekend…

Our annual Edgar Sceles Memorial bonspiel is a go for this weekend starting with 2 draws on Friday night and continuing on Saturday. So far we have 8 teams signed up. Team J. Jamieson, Team G. Jamieson, Team O`Regan, Team D. Hart, Team O`Leary, Team Luddington, Team DeCoff, and Team Connolly. Lunch and dinner will be served at a nominal fee. We hope everyone stays for the night, once curling is over, as we have Reid Jamieson supplying us with entertainment.

We have the teams’ placement prizes (4 sterling silver memorial pins, 4 vouchers from Molson’s , MODG’s 9 donated prizes, 2 gift certificates, and 2 Quality Street tins).

The prizes breakdown: silver pins plus prize selections for 1st place. A prize selection each for 2nd and 3rd teams. The remaining prizes go via random draws to the other curlers who were not in the top three categories thereby spreading
the winnings.

Good luck to all curlers. Good curling.

Sponsors of the week shown in Photo Gallery 2013/14

We are resuming our ‘Sponsors of the week’ at the club where we pull down one or more of the sponsor signs and place it in the ‘Weekly Feature Area’. In the past we used to place three in there each week. Until we reach a more usable number of signs either new or renewed we will only place one sign per week. New to the sponsor list this year is the following list of sponsors: Guysborough Fish & Game, Big G’s Pizza, Haliburton PharmaChoice Guysborough, MacGillivray Fuels, ME Harnish Heating & Ventilation, and Waterline Graphixs. We have several new ones that have offered to help out, They will be listed and placed up once we have confirmation from them. Same thing goes for the renewals. Each week a new photo will appear in the Photo Gallery 2013/14 under the ‘Photo Gallery’ tab.

Here are the first ‘Sponsors of the Week’ for the week of Jan 20-26 and Jan 27 – Feb 2.

Our 1st 'Sponsor of the Week' for 2014 is Myles MacPherson Pulp and Tree Producer

Our 1st ‘Sponsor of the Week’ for 2014 is Myles MacPherson Pulp and Tree Producer

Sponsor of the week for Jan. 27 thru to Feb 2 is Strait Engineering.

Sponsor of the week for Jan. 27 thru to Feb 2 is Strait Engineering.