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Junior League Curling Start Up…

When: Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Where: Chedabucto Curling Club, Boylston

Time: 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM

Coach: Ms. Donalda Mattie, Level 3 NCCP Certification

In-school contact: Ms. Christie Dort

Who: Ages 10 years and older (Free instructions)

Costs: Year’s dues: $25.00 (tax included) If financial assistance is required contact Christina Connolly, Municipality of the District of Guysborough Recreation Depart. 533.3508 (ext. 238)

Days to curl: Wednesdays after school

Transportation: School bus to rink. Parents take curlers home

More details:  or Ray Bates, President (533.2528)

Our ice is in and almost ready for play…..

Flooding of the curling rink started last Friday night and continued throughout the week with the painting of the ice happening this past Thursday and the rings and lines put down yesterday afternoon. Flooding resumed today and a few sprays were applied to set the rings and lines  in place. A few more floods should do it and by Tues or Wed of next week the ice should be ready to start practicing. Thanks to all who helped out and made this possible.


CAS Special Meeting Agenda November 5, 2015…

Dear CAS Members,

A special meeting to receive and to deal with amendments to the Chedabucto Curling Club Community Activity Society (CAS) By-laws has been scheduled for Wednesday, 6:30 PM, November 5, 2014, at the rink in Boylston.

A copy of the Club’s April 19, 2011, By-laws is posted for your reference along with the agenda for the November 5 Special Meeting. Your presence is requested for the November 5 meeting.

Best regards,

Ray Bates, President

Chedabucto Curling Club Community Activity Society (CAS)

Bylaws CAS Approved April 19, 2011

Agenda By-laws’ Amendments Special Meeting November 5