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Curling Club phone will be suspended until November….

It was decided today at our executive meeting to suspend our club phone during the off season to save a bit on the monthly bill. As of this week it will be offline until November or further notice. If there is a need to get a hold of us you can email the club at or email any of our executive. Their emails are on our website here under As we approach the Ducky Race which will be held this year on July 24th you can also call Phil at 902-863-8922 (cell).

New Executive for the 2016/2017 season….

At our AGM on Tuesday April 12th a new member to our existing executive was added. His name is Mike Nicholson who will be our new ‘Member at large’ replacing Brian Farrell from our 2014/15 season. There were no other nominations from the floor and the rest of the executive from this past season are reoffering their positions. At the meeting we had 5 members present along with last season’s executive of Ray Bates (President), Phil O’Regan (Vice-president), Kay Chisholm, (Secretary), Holly Nahrebecky (Treasurer), and Lois MacDonald (Member at large).  Regrets came from Paula Dobson (Past President) and Jim Muise. Below is a picture of the New Executive that takes over on May 30, 2016.

New Executive for 2016_17 is Phil O'Regan (Vice President), Mike Nicholson (Member at Large), Ray Bates (President), Holly Narhebecky (Treasurer), Lois MacDonald (Member at Large), and Kay CHisholm (Secretary). Missing from photo is Paula Dobson (Past President).

New Executive for 2016_17 is Phil O’Regan (Vice President), Mike Nicholson (Member at Large), Ray Bates (President), Holly Nahrebecky (Treasurer), Lois MacDonald (Member at Large), and Kay Chisholm (Secretary). Missing from photo is Paula Dobson (Past President).

AGM April 12 and attached Semi AGM Minutes October 5, 2015….

The Chedabucto CC AGM is being held this Tuesday, April 12, 2016, in the rink at 6:30 PM. In order to conduct the meeting’s business we must have a quorum of  7 or more CCC members.

Depending on whether or not there are additional items added to the Club’s April 12th’s AGM’s agenda with the approval of those in attendance, I anticipate a brief meeting.

In addition to seeking approval of the Club’s October 5, 2015, Semi-AGM’s minutes, as attached to this email, the two items on the agenda at this time are the Treasurer’s financial statement and the nomination committee’s recommendations for the 2016 – 2017 Executive members.The nomination committee has a full slate of officers to nominate but I will be asking for nominations from the floor as per procedure. The officers as elected on April 12, as per the Club’s By-laws, will assume the responsibilities of their duties on May 30, 2016.

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Semi-Annual Meeting Minutes October 5, 2015

Agenda AGM April 12 2016

Curling Banquet 2016….

Another great curling season has come to an end with our annual banquet held again this year at the St. Francis Harbour church hall. Upwards of 90 or more people attended this banquet and were treated to a wonderful Roast Beef dinner and desert by the ladies (and men) of St. Francis Harbour Church. Thanks go out to them for all their efforts in creating a beautiful atmosphere for our members and guests to enjoy. Thanks also to all who helped get this organized. Awards were handed out to our Junior members by Sceles Realty and Turning Point Curling, and also to our League champions in Day and Night Leagues. A special award was also handed out to one of our members for her 25 year involvement with the club, Bette Ann Corkum. Thank you to Ray for getting this all together and for the great MC job. Below is a sampling of the pictures taken during the night: