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Stick pick prizes for Chedabucto CC’s Chicken BBQ….

It is 6 months until Christmas Day but only 4 weeks until the curling rink has its annual chicken BBQ, ducky race and stick picks on Sunday, July 23.

So as to make the curling rink’s stick pick successful we need prizes to present. Curling rink members, and hopefully some supporters, are asked to donate at least two items (a value of $5.00 or greater) towards the stick picks.  It is always an incentive to buy sticks when there are also several larger prizes on display for the lucky stick selectors; therefore, is you are able to donate or can obtain a higher-valued prize, that will be greatly appreciated.

In the past we have had members approach their work places or the businesses which are recipients of the member’s financial support and request items that proved to be very popular with the stick buyers. Many businesses have promotional items that they purchase solely to promote their businesses; therefore, if they want to provide those items to the stick pick via you, we will be please to accept.

The prizes can be given to any member of the executive by Wednesday, July 19, for the prizes’ numbering in preparation of the 23rd’s draws. I have Cc’d this email to the executive so you will be aware of those who oversee — with much appreciated help from members — the yearly operation of the Chedabucto Curling rink.

With my apologies to be making another request when you likely already have been contacted for assistance regarding other community endeavours seeking support — but — the curling rink’s chicken BBQ, ducky race and stick picks are major fundraisers that go directly towards the curling rink’s annual $30,000 operational requirements. (The financial requests for support towards the curling rink’s renovation/expansion are going directly into a separate curling rink bank account for the expenses of that worthwhile endeavour.)

Best regards,


Assistance being sought re curling rink’s expansion/renovation….

This Wednesday, June 21, 7:00 PM, Shauna Brymer and I are having a brief meeting at the curling rink to continue with seeking financial assistance for the curling rink’s expansion/renovation from sources other than the Chedabucto Curling Club’s membership.

The intention for this Wednesday evening’s brief meeting is to share ideas regarding possible contributors to approach and then to begin to investigate whether or not they will be willing/able to assist our curling rink’s expansion/renovation project.

If you are able to help, whether it is doing some online research, making a few inquiries or seeking advice regarding successful procedures, etc. in order to gain financial assistance for the Chedabucto Curling Club, your participation will be appreciated.

If you want to assist but cannot attend this Wednesday, please tell me so we can include you in our activities.

Our hope is for others to participate with us thereby ensuring that the task of finding the funding is shared and expanded so as to reach  the Chedabucto Curling Club’s construction goals.

Best regards,



Assistance needed to seek sufficient funds for curling rink’s construction projects….

Things are moving forward regarding our rink’s expansion and renovations. Now that the financial-request letters have gone to adult, social, junior and former members, we are moving into the stage to seek grant and business-assistant sources. (With our completed project estimated to be in the area of $210,000.00, more moneys need to be found.)

The plan is to have helpers (or their recommended persons) to assist with inquiries for sources regarding financial assistance to our renovation/expansion goals. There are a couple of volunteers who have stated they will assist but more are needed; the idea being that more helpers will lessen the work loads for the information seekers. By getting the volunteers, the sources will be fewer in numbers for each to investigate thereby enabling more sources to be investigated at less time involved per person.

It is appreciated when we are told that a certain business/ government department “might be able” to assist financially but the leg work then needs to be done to determine if such a source would and/or is willing to assist. (That is where information-seeking volunteers will be extremely helpful.)

The success of our curling rink’s construction is directly dependent on the energy and financial assistance from our members and supporters.

Your volunteer time — be it regular or occasional — is something that will yield a tremendous return for the rink and will guarantee our project’s successful completion.

I am hopeful that I will receive positive results from this request.

Best regards,


Ducky race tickets to be returned by July 8….

The Chedabucto Curling Club’s ducky race tickets are in the process of being distributed to all members. The race is at the curling rink during the day of the chicken BBQ on July 23 with its time being tide dependent. All members will be receiving two books to sell.

Please remember that the proceeds from the ducky race go into the curling rink’s general revenue to assist in a major way with our rink’s annual $30,000 operational expenses.  Supporters are also welcome to buy/sell tickets. All assistance will be sincerely appreciated.

The ducky tickets must be returned to Kay Chisholm (902.533.3323) by July 8 so she can record the sales and insert the names of tickets’ owners onto the large wall charts before race day so we know what ducks are in the race.

If you are unable to get the tickets back to Kay, give them to me (101 Green Street, Guysborough) over the hill from the school. (We do have extra tickets if you want to have some more to sell.)

Thank you to Basil Mattie for printing the tickets and to Kay Chisholm for sorting, addressing their distribution and — an equally vital task — Kay’s recording their returns.