Little Rocks startup…

Well Little Rock’s starts next Monday @ 3:30pm at the Curling Club!
Emily Perry & @Gary Neufeld will be coaching this season. 
Charla Cosgrove has taken a step back but will still be helping out during some sessions ! 
If your child has moved up to the next level (Juniors) you can remove yourself from this group . If you know anyone with a child 6-9 years old who would like to be a part of Little Rock’s please share this with them !! 
Registration will be available on that day !

Welcome to our newest sign sponsor….

Thank you Scott Hart, Hart Carpentry & Contracting, All Phases of
Carpentry, Snow Removal and Ice Control, for sponsoring his new sign at
the Chedabucto Curling Club. (All sponsors can be viewed at

If you want to inquire about jobs, Scott can be reached at 902.870.3573
or or 289 MacPherson Lake Road, Boylston.

Best wishes for a Merry Christmas to all.

And the winner is….

This is “almost” an embarrassing post to add regarding Friday Dec 13th’s winner of the $117.00 prize for the Chedabucto Curling Club’s 50/50 draw — because my name (Ray Bates) was selected by the curling club’s Christmas potluck-supper guest, Ron Honda, in the random draw from a well-shaken ticket container in front of a packed house of attendees.

Thank you to all who bought and sold the Club’s 50/50 tickets. My thanks also go to AA Munro Insurance, Antigonish, for sponsoring the Big G’s pizza certificates which serve as incentives for the Junior Curlers to sell tickets on behalf of the Chedabucto CC. (Our intention is to have our next 50/50 draw in January at the Edgar Sceles Memorial Bonspiel.)

If you wish to purchase or sell tickets: Contact a club member, purchase them from a junior curler or come to the Chedabucto CC. Our rink’s website ( has updates on draws and the names of our 50/50 winners.

Best regards and a very Merry Christmas to all.



If we each sell at least 2 books of tickets over the next 6 weeks….

With the next 50/50 draw being at the Edgar Sceles Memorial Bonspiel, January 25, if we each take just 2 of the $5.00 per book of tickets — to sell over the next 6 weeks, the give-away prize will equal a minimum of $170.00. Realizing that the older Juniors are also assisting and some members sell more than 2 books, plus the tickets to be sold at the Edgar Sceles Memorial, the Club could issue a prize that exceeds $300, and the Club also could earn $300.

Tickets can be picked up from, with sold tickets and money left within, the container situated on the table next to the Club’s bar. I check the container every day I am at the Club and bring the sold tickets and money home. If it is easier, you can send me the money and I’ll put your tickets into the draw container. (My brother gives me his money for the season’s draws and I enter his tickets per draw — if that will simply your assistance.)

Dues only cover ½ of the Club’s yearly operational costs. Fund-raising is a reality with which the Chedabucto Curling Club must deal.

               Thank you.