Juniors Curling being put on hold….

Unfortunately due to a serious lack of numbers and no one to coach the youngsters, the Juniors curling will be put on hold until after Christmas pending a sufficient numbers increase and available coaching.

With sufficient numbers we can try again to get a Juniors program going for this season; if not we will wait and try again next year.

This is a regrettable decision to be made but with an almost zero lack of responses to our word-of-mouth, circulated Juniors Curling posters, school announcements and emails there is no other choice at this time.

At last week’s Juniors registration evening at the Club the only people to show were me and Phil O’Regan.

If anyone would like to step forward and volunteer to assist to recruit youngsters and/or to find a person to recommend to the Executive who would be willing to coach the Juniors, please reply ASAP.

As is happening within many organizations — the numbers are down.

Unfortunately the Chedabucto CC is also a victim of our dwindling population.