Registration forms for 2013/14….

Please excuse me for being a pest but the 2013/2014 registration sheets must be completed. If you have completed your sheet this plea doesn’t apply to you.

The sheets for 2012/2013 are invalid because they were for a past year and they have been removed from the emergency information binder thus the Club does  not know your relevant instructions and information. I am confident that with the Club’s liabilities we need current information and dated signatures to make things valid and accurate.

The registration information serves many purposes in addition to giving the Club a level of legal protection:

Your medical info in case the  unthinkable happens.

Your updated contact info so we can keep you informed re what is happening Your birth date for Club demographics to assist with grant requests Your opportunity to volunteer for committee work or not Your dated signature to give the Club permission to publish your picture for news coverage if the opportunity presents itself.  The privacy act requires your consent.

The 2013/2014  registration sheets are in the manilla envelope pinned to the wall by the door to Ice 1.  Please complete yours immediately and put it into the emergency binder on top of the Club’s kitchen fridge.