Stick delivery games for January 17th?

We are hoping to organize two stick-delivery games on the 17th of January for 7:00 PM by stick-curling rules. With the next 50/50 draw being on the 17th at 8:00 PM it will have some activity going on at the Club for the winning ticket’s selection.
The proposed games will be on both ice surfaces and use stick-delivery rules: 2 players per team, 6 rocks, 6 ends, no sweeping and approximately 1 hour in length. (I think I’m correct with those facts.)
Friday nights have become great for additional Club social occasions thus it will be nice to continue to have something that people can partake in or simply enjoy watching.
For those who are currently using the delivery stick — or are thinking of using one — or have already used the stick-delivery method, this will be an excellent opportunity to continue to enjoy curling.
The thought is to NOT charge registration fees since it will be members curling. If non-members are curling a nominal fee will be charged to cover the Club’s liability insurance. With no registration there will be no prizes — just bragging rights and a photo shot for the two victorious teams and the opportunity for the winners to buy the losers a drink from the bar.
Please talk it over with others to shake out 8 curlers who will use the delivery sticks on Friday evening, January 17th, for approximately 1 hour games.
A sign-up sheet is on Ice 1’s door .
Cheers and good curling, 🙂