50/50 and yearly expenses for Chedabucto CC….

The next 50/50 draw will happen on Friday, the 17th, at 8:00 PM. The plan is to have the draw in conjunction with sociable stick-delivery curling matches provided we can gather the necessary teams.

With the 50/50 ticket sales — the Club needs all the support it can get since the tickets have evolved into a major fund-raiser. If you are able to sell tickets or know of someone who will move some for you, there are tickets available at the Club’s bar. (The bigger the prizes the more all will smile.)

The tickets, like the Club’s dues, bonspiels, bottle sales, bar profits, ducky race, etc. are only providing a portion of the revenue to cover the yearly expenses for the Club.  What is making our Club succeed are the numerous avenues that we take to raise funds. There are some endeavours that people jump on board to assist and then there are those where some are hesitant.  As long as we all do something to pitch in, at the end of the day, the bills are paid and the facility is maintained.

To give you a quick overview of what it costs to run the Club for 12 months I share the following:

2013/2014 Expenses (Anticipated)                                                      

Nova Scotia Power                   $15,000.00

Heating fuel                                 3,000.00

Insurance                                    4,500.00

Property taxes                                800.00

Telephone                                   1,000.00

Snow plowing                                 800.00

Jet Ice (ice’s water cleansing)      1,500.00

Canada Post (box and postage)       150.00

Repairs                                          500.00

Miscellaneous                                 500.00