50/50 draws at Chedabucto

With the Chedabucto curling rink  having 52 adult and 21 junior members, and some of us already selling several books per draw, it should be much easier to have a 50/50 prize of $300 or more per draw.  We have been staggering the draw dates to help the prizes to grow and to increase its appeal to our ticket buyers. There are also members who have relatives selling tickets on Chedabucto’s behalf.

The next 50/50 draw for Chedabucto CC will be next Saturday, January 10th, at our Edgar Sceles Memorial Spiel.  It would be great to have a draw ticket worth hundreds of dollar but to do that each of us needs to sell a book or two per draw. We don’t expect our members to be the only buyers, with the contacts that all of us have it should be easily doable to sell tickets to others thereby enlarging the prize for each draw.

There are books of tickets available at the rink and I just happen to always have spares in my kit bag. As with all of the helpful things that our members and  supporters do on behalf of the rink, if we all can also sell the 50/50 tickets — that too will be sincerely appreciated.

Thank you. Everything you can do will help!