Prizes to Junior sellers of 50/50 tickets….

With 21 registered Junior Curlers I am attempting to find a procedure via which we can recognize their efforts and successes for selling 50/50 tickets. My plan had been to share this information today at the Juniors curling but the school closure changed my intention. Effective next Wednesday, February 4, when the Juniors submit to me their sold CAS 50/50 tickets and the appropriate amount of moneys from those sales — two Juniors will each be awarded a large-pizza certificate purchased from Big G’s Pizza and Restaurant, Guysborough — as recognitions for their selling successes. The pizzas are being purchased from a donation given to Chedabucto’s Junior League by AA Munro Insurance, Antigonish.  The awarding process: The top weekly seller of 50/50 tickets will be given a large-pizza certificate.  Should there be a tie for the top weekly seller, their names will go into a hat and a draw made for that pizza’s recipient. The name(s) not drawn will again go into a hat but with the names of the other Juniors who submitted 50/50 tickets and moneys on that day. Another draw will be then made but for the second of the two large pizzas to be awarded that day. The two large-pizza certificates will be awarded at each Juniors Program’s Wednesday until the conclusion of this season’s Junior Curling Program. My advance thanks goes to the Juniors, their parents, families, neighbours and friends who assist with the selling of the 50/50 tickets — and also to AA Munro Insurance for making our awarding of pizzas possible. Our next 50/50 draw will be on Saturday, February 7, 2015.

Best regards to all.