Draw to the button winners from Wednesday’s Juniors / pizzas awarded for next week’s 50/50 ticket sales…

Congratulations to Victoria Grady and CJ Carter for being yesterday’s winners of the “draw to the button”.  Theirs were the closest rocks to the pin for both the girls and boys.  A chocolate bar, courtesy of the rink, was the prize for each.  (Just in time for them to spoil their appetites for supper. 🙂 )

At next Wednesday’s Juniors we will be doing a double awarding of pizza certificates (4 certificates) for the 50/50 tickets sales due to the lost Wednesday when we were bumped  for the annual Highland Rink versus Chedabucto Seniors games.  (By the way, Chedabucto CC was the trophy winner — again — for most points accumulated over two days of play.)

The next drawing of the winning 50/50 ticket will be at the St. Patrick’s Ladies FUNspiel on March 14.