Pizza recipients Junior curlers March 4….

Yesterday we had our awarding of Big G’s large pizzas to four of our Junior curlers for their successes with the selling of the rink’s 50/50 tickets.  Four certificates were awarded yesterday due to last week’s storm-caused curling cancellation.

The pizzas are being donated to Chedabucto’s Junior League by AA Munro Insurance, Antigonish.  AA Munro Insurance’s much appreciated generosity and assistance is definitely serving as an incentive to encourage the Juniors to sell their 50/50 tickets. The Juniors to receive a large pizza for selling the most tickets were Aidan Halloran and Jenna Dort.

The Juniors to receive yesterday’s second pizza via the random draw involving all the other Juniors who submitted money and tickets were Hanna Manthorne and Gianna Pellerin.  Since we are still behind due to an earlier snowstorm, next Wednesday’s Juniors’ pizza rewards will again be for four pizzas.

My advance thanks goes to the Juniors, their parents, families, neighbours and friends who assisted with the selling of the 50/50 tickets — and also to AA Munro Insurance for making our awarding of pizzas possible.

Our next 50/50 winner’s draw will be at our St. Patrick’s Ladies FUNspiel, Saturday, March 14. Best regards to all.