Results are in from the Memorial….

The results from the Memorial are in and congrats go out to Team Hart for winning the bonspiel. Team Luddington came in 2nd place and Team Jamieson third. Our ‘Hot Shots’ Draw to the Button winner this year is Wilfred Myette. I want to thank our photographers Dawn Chubbs, Holly Nahrebecky, and Gary Neufeld for their photos from the bonspiel below.

With so many hands making our season-closing Memorial Bonspiel so successful there is always a risk of overlooking some volunteers.  I did give a general thank you last evening but my becoming-tired mind was focused on awarding the prizes and a few other things. 🙂 How I forgot this major thank you beats me but I did.  The turkey, donated by Wilfred and Della Myette, was cooked by Kay Chisholm, carved by her hubby Joe — and enjoyed by all. Thank you Kay and Joe! The yummy dressing was made (created) by Shauna Brymer. Thank you Shauna. The kitchen workers should too have been acknowledged: my boo boo.  I am not going to attempt to name all but ask you to remember who you saw working away throughout the day and during the supper. Thank you all. Then we get to the tables cleanups and the dishes washing, please remember who you witnessed and also give them some nice thoughts. More thanks extended. Next we are with our usual suspects: Holly, Brian F, and Mike N. for working the bar. George for our ice conditions — and his helpers. The desserts: Kerstin, Della and Marion. Muffins and biscuits: Paula and Dawn The donated and interestingly tasting jello shooters: Danny and Kerstin Donuts: Joe Phalen. Last but definitely not least: Our curlers for being there and probably some other volunteers forgotten — but not intentionally overlooked.

AND Again to Siblings 2 (Cindy and Kim Malcolm) for their toe tapping, floor stomping and very pleasing singing and music on Friday evening. Central Supplies for their donation of the gift certificates and Tim MacUmber, Labatt Breweries, for the draw prizes and the 24 of Keiths.  (I’ll get a thank you letter to those generous folks later in the week via Canada Post.)

Next on our rink’s social calendar is our season-closing dinner and yearly-awards dinner scheduled for the St. Francis Harbour Hall for Saturday, April 18.  Circle your calendar for that date. (We are not renting their hall, just paying for our dinners in case that question might be out there.) More information regarding that celebratory event will be forthcoming. Enjoy this “spring weather” as we move into our concluding week at the rink with the playoff games to finish our curling season.

Best regards to all — including those who knocked my rocks out of play during the Memorial Bonspiel. 🙂