Ducky race tickets need to be sold….

Get ready but don’t get annoyed because of the to-be-frequent reminders of the need for all of us to sell the 1000 ducky race tickets.

The chicken BBQ and ducky race are scheduled for July 19 with the goal to have all tickets sold and moneys submitted to me or Kay Chisholm by July 10.  It is vital to get sold tickets submitted due to the task of recording the tickets’ numbers onto the large wall chart so as to enable non-sold tickets (ducks) to be removed before the race and to reduce the need to record ticket / duck numbers on the hectic day of the ducky race.

With the approximately $30,000.00 expenses required to operate our maintained-by-volunteers curling rink and the reality that dues only cover approximately 1/3 of those costs it is obvious that we need to raise funds via the efforts of our members. I referenced expenses but did not mention the critical need to have reserve funds for the inevitable additional curling facility expenses that will appear.

If you haven’t received your ducky race ticket books to sell yet — you will this week. The support of all members (their families too) to sell the tickets is critical.

Any questions?, or if you want more tickets in addition to those you have already received, please contact me or Kay.