Stick draw prizes and ducky race tickets…..

Stick-draw prizes: One of our rink’s members used my earlier email in which I suggested that members might consider approaching their work sites or places of business as a source of prizes for the stick draws. He presented that email to his employer as an explanation for his request for prizes donations. His employer used that email for accounting purposes to explain his donation back to the rink.  If you wish, I can provide a letter or another email for you to present to a business for their donation of prizes for the stick draws.

Ducky tickets sold via the social media: A couple of our rink’s members have placed information onto their social media sites indicating that they have ducky race tickets for sale.  The feedback and responses have been positive for public awareness and also for offers to purchase tickets. If you have not received your tickets to sell please contact me (902.533.2528) or Kay (902-533-3323) to solve that situation.  Both Kay and I have extra tickets if you wish to have more to sell. Now it is up to us to get the tickets sold and to provide prizes for the stick draws. Basil Mattie has volunteered to be the site for prizes in his area to be left for me to collect. In this area it will be my home or Kay Chisholm’s for prizes to be left.  I have already had some prizes left here for storage prior to the ducky race. If you have any questions or concerns please contact me ASAP.

Cheers, 🙂