Get your name on the wall for buying ducky tickets…..

Will your ducky tickets’ names be displayed on the wall chart?  So as to be certain that the sold ducky tickets are recorded and any unsold ducks removed from the ducky race, all sold ducks’ numbers (tickets) are placed according to their owners’ name onto the large wall chart at the rink for the day of the ducky race.

Folks are submitting their sold tickets and moneys to Kay, to me or to Holly (at the Boylston Post Office) so the numbers can be recorded onto the wall chart by Kay.

If you need more tickets to sell or want to buy tickets, let me know. (902.533.2528)

Our hope is to have as many tickets as possible turned in by this Friday (July 10) so they can be recorded thereby lessening the rush to get them listed for the ducky race.

If you still have tickets to sell or to turn in, please do so as soon as possible.  If your sold tickets and money have been submitted — thank you.

Cheers 🙂