Update from the NSCA – Ice Technician training…..

As August draws to a close which means curling season is just around the corner.  The NSCA, under Board’s direction, has been very busy over the summer.  This will be the first of several “update” emails over the next couple weeks.  So, without further ado…

The NSCA is very pleased to announce our new partnership with Jet Ice.  Jet Ice has become the title sponsor of the NSCA’s Ice Technician Training and Mentorship programs, now known as the

Jet Ice – Ice Technicians Course and Ice Technician Mentoring Program

“Founded in 1979, Jet Ice is proud to be an all Canadian company located in Newmarket, Ontario and Regina, Saskatchewan. We offer a complete range of products and services for the ice making industry, including ice paints, application packages, custom logo stencils, painting services, training seminars, and water treatment systems. Jet Ice products are used by more facilities around the world than all other competitive brands combined.”

Attached are two simple PDF posters we’d ask you to send to whomever in your club that maybe interested in improving or updating their Ice making skills.  These are our first Ice courses in several years and we are very excited to partner with Jet Ice to bring them to you.

The Level 1 is September 11-13 at the Bluenose CC and the Level 2 will be November 14-16, location TBA.

As far as the mentorship program goes; we had 4 applicants for the 2 open spots.  We are pleased to announce that for the 2015-16 season Bill Butts (Strait Area) and Graham Conrad (Bridgewater) will join Jamie Danbrook (Mayflower) in the program.  Thank you to the other applicants.


In Curling,

Jeremiah Anderson

Jet Ice Level 1 Ice Technician Course

Jet Ice Level 2 Ice Technician Course