Curling club general meeting scheduled for Thursday September 10 at 6:30 PM….

A general meeting of CAS’s membership is scheduled for this Thursday, September 10, at the rink for 6:30 PM. The two point agenda is attached with the following being the main purpose of the September 10, 2015, general meeting. “Following an information update regarding CAS’s recent application for a government grant to insulate our rink’s attic from a level of less than R20 up to an insulation level of at least R50 and to replace all lighting in ice area with high-efficiency lighting, a motion will be sought from CAS membership present for permission to spend approximately $5,436.00 from CAS’s bank account to pay CAS’s $.50 per $1.00 portion of the government grant. (The $5,436.00 grant’s eligibility-to-receive expires at the end of September therefore a general-meeting quorum is a must to enable CAS to receive the before-mention grant.)”

Best regards,

Ray Bates, President

Click on the link below for the agenda for that night:

Agenda Special Meeting September 10 2015