Night League teams and schedule complete….

Teams and schedule for the Night League have been made. We are waiting until later on tonight to contact the skips. They will contact you with your 1st game date. Still in need of two players to complete the 8 teams we have. Until then Phil’s team and George’s will start the season with 3 players and get a spare each week until someone surfaces. If you know of anyone out there that may want to play we are looking for 2 leads or a second and a lead. Those players who requested a certain day to play on I have done my best to accommodate that request. Looks like our schedule this year is for 19 games with 2 and half weeks set aside for playoffs. All teams make the playoffs. Format to be decided later. Every team plays each other at least twice and no more than four times. On Sunday we will email everyone a schedule and team list. There will also be copies at the club next week.