Juniors start-up date will be delayed slightly until November 25…

The date for the Juniors start up will be November 25th with the registration fee being a total of only $25.00 per youngster. (The cheque can be made out to CAS.)

This Wednesday, November 4, will not work for too many reasons. The next Wed is November 11th, Remembrance Day, and no school bus. The following Wednesday, the 18th, has me in Halifax for an appointment and Donalda is out out the province on that date.

The encouraging news is that there are things in the works that we did not do last year that are guaranteed to give the Juniors an enjoyable season. Once those events are finalized we’ll send out the information.

We want to get the Juniors off to a good start thus it is better to be a tad later than force things to commence too early. I know we’re all are keen to start and I am truly sorry for the delays.

If you have any questions please contact me at your convenience.


Best regards, Ray