Welcome to Chedabucto CC social members : Max and Diane Tulk.

It is my pleasure to welcome Max and Diane Tulk as Social members in the Chedabucto Curling Club Community Activity Society (CAS). Max and Diane are ongoing supporters of the Chedabucto CC and will definitely bring their contributions to the rink’s activities.

Should you know of others who would like to join CAS under its Social membership classification, please invite them to apply. The dues for Social membership is only $25.00 (tax included) per year.

Best regards, Ray

Social members as described within CAS by-laws:

“Clause 2 – Membership (B)      6.         Social members shall be persons 19 years of age or older subject to regular approval provisions who may attend the Club activities.  Social members shall not have voting or curling privileges.”