Juniors heading into Day 2 and 50-50 tickets….

Our first day of Juniors went very well. Thus far we have 15 youngsters registered and more to come.  Of the 15 young curlers we have 4 new Juniors with the balance returning from last year. (It was a real treat to see so many familiar faces.) The challenge that met us on Day 1 was due to the reality that the Boylston school bus now has many students — good for the school but challenging for the Juniors’ transportation needs.  Parents and relatives rallied and got the youngsters to the rink with that necessity to become the normal method for the Juniors’ movement to the Chedabucto CC. However, as when we had the school bus, when school is cancelled on Juniors day, so too is Junior curling cancelled. I held back distributing 50/50 tickets to all the Juniors since I expect more to arrive this Wednesday and I did not want to distribute on Day 1. With the first 50/50 draw being this coming Friday, December 4 — therefore making it difficult to collect their sold tickets for December 4 — I am not going to give the youngsters tickets this week; that will happen on December 9. Parents are welcome to be at the rink during the Juniors program if your schedules will permit. Should you know of other youngsters who would like the experience and fun of curling please let us know or bring them to the rink — all are welcome.

Best regards, Ray