Juniors attend New Glasgow curling jamboree while you shop……

For next Saturday, December 12, our Juniors’ head coach, Donalda Mattie, Turning Point Curling School, has helped to organize a Junior Jamboree at the Bluenose Curling Club, New Glasgow. (The rink is behind the buildings located across from the Aberdeen Hospital). The cost is $10.00 per youngster. (See the web link within this email for registration details.) Donalda has made the arrangements to enable Chedabucto CC’s Juniors to participate in the Junior session (1:00 PM -3:00 PM) with a pizza party to follow. This is an excellent opportunity for our Juniors to meet other Juniors, to learn new skills and to be involved in a game during the last hour of the jamboree. If you want, you can drop the Juniors off at the Bluenose rink shortly before 1:00 PM and then head out to shop with the stipulation that you must be back at the Bluenose rink by 3:00 PM for the conclusion of this jamboree. Donalda and I will be at the Bluenose rink.

Our challenge regards how we are going to transport the Juniors to and from New Glasgow for this worthwhile instructional session. I can take three Juniors BUT ONLY if parents will transport some of our young curlers. Parental (or your designate’s) involvement is critical for our Junior program to success and for our young curlers to be able to experience the great things that curling has to offer thus the necessity for parental/relative involvement. Our hope is that as many as possible Juniors from Chedabucto CC will attend. Registration via Donalda is by Thursday, December 10. If you have any questions re the jamboree please contact Donalda as per the poster within the following web site: http://www.chedabuctocc.ca/archives/3626 I will be contacting parents into next week to check on who is going and who will be driving them. If you have questions specific to me, please ask.

Best regards,