Edgar Sceles Memorial will be 6 enders and it needs you…..

Good evening Members and Supporters:

We will all agree that the Chedabucto curling rink began as a location for recreational curling and socialization. To honour those who enabled us to have such a great facility we are hosting the Edgar Sceles Memorial bonspiel next weekend, January 15 & 16.  The decision has been made to have 6-end games. Edgar Sceles was one of the founders of our rink and contributed a great deal to its existence. To honour Edgar his family donates sterling silver pins to each of the first-place team’s members and a trophy is available for that team’s name to be engraved and then proudly displayed within Chedabucto’s trophy case. As the organizers move into high gear to prepare the bonspiel for your recreational curling enjoyment we need curlers to sign up and/or put together teams for the 6-ends long matchesThere is a sign-up sheet on the rink’s ice 1 door for you to enter your name(s).  If you prefer contact Phil O’Regan or email back to me and I’ll be pleased to pass on your name. We need names as early as possible into this week. Historically Thursday seems to be the day for curlers to decide but earlier makes things much easier to organize.   Things that must be done: preparing the ice, cleaning the rink’s washrooms, kitchen and lounge, recruiting workers, buying food, cooking munchies, stocking the bar, planning the draws, gathering prizes, fetching the pins and having 50/50 tickets ready for the January 16 draw. All are welcome to participate in our recreational matches. The only requirement is to have players who are seeking a fun time with good people.