Revival of the Cecil Boyd trophy games vs Canso CC….

As a way to further good relations with other clubs it has come to our attention via George Luddington that we revive the Cecil Boyd trophy games with the Canso CC. He saw the trophy in their trophy case and asked about it. Our club last won it in 1993 I believe. Canso has already asked their membership about it and they seem to be able to get 4 teams to participate on the Mar. 19th weekend. The way it would work is we get 4 teams made up of either night league members or day league members. It could be the team you are playing on or we just make up teams. And we could also have 4 teams go there on the 19th and a new set of 4 teams play here on the 20th or vice versa. Does not matter as long as we can generate 4 teams. We would work this much the same way as we do with our games with SACC and the Highlander as per providing food and drink. A sign-up sheet will go up soon. The sooner we know who can play the better so I can then let Canso know.