Extremely important for curling rink’s survival — please read entirely….

If you want to assist the Chedabucto Curling rink to survive, please read this email entirely.

We must have more assistance to convince businesses to have advertisement signs within the curling rink or for them to consider enlarging on what they already have in the rink’s ice area.

Since all of us do business — and spend our money — at multiple locations both in the Guysborough region and elsewhere, why don’t we politely but with a tad of persuasive power ask those businesses — that welcome our money — to purchase advertisement signs via their tax claimable funds if they already do not have their sign at the Chedabucto CC?

At our web site there is a copy of the “advertisement sign initial letter” at the beginning of the photos above “featured sponsors of the week” for you to read and maybe to deliver. Go to our web site www.chedabuctocc.ca and then to “our club” and then into “our sponsors” to see the current signs’ owners.

If your place of employment could also be persuaded to buy a sign that too will be a help. We do have members who are not retired therefore their employers could be sign owners.

Phil O’Regan puts a tremendous amount of energy and time into overseeing all that needs to be done to sustain the advertisement signs’ revenue for Chedabucto Curling but cannot do it all by himself. Let’s all pitch in to give Phil some of our time and energy and not assume he will get it all done alone?

With businesses like the car dealerships I believe that larger than a $100 sign should be our goals.   As I observe all the vehicles in the rink’s parking lot and see many around Guysborough I pause to consider the thousands of dollars generated from within our community for the car dealerships. All dealerships in Port Hawkesbury as well as the KIA in Antigonish do not have signs at Chedabucto CC. As food for thought: Where did you buy your vehicle(s) and how much estimated profit was made by that dealership from your purchase(s)? Does your vehicle’s dealer have a large sign in the rink or is that business’ advertisement sign absent?

The only two large signs are Martin Marietta and Central with the space for one more large sign over score board #2; but there are many spaces available on the side walls of the ice area.

The annual prices per size and locations: The sign price is $500 for the 2’X8′ over the score boards. The 2’X8′ size can be mounted on the side walls for $300.00. A 2’X2′ to cover the 7Up sign is only $200.00 and the side-wall signs are only $100.00 — with all signs requiring the HST. Please note that sponsors are required to pay for their own signs that we can have made by Waterline Graphix.

If you have questions or concerns please contact Phil or me  so TOGETHER WE CAN MAXIMIZE Chedabucto’s  advertisement signs’ revenue. Best regards with a plea for your vital assistance,