Junior Hot shoot winners and 50/50 pizza awards from March 9….

At the conclusion of Wednesday’s session there was the usual “hot shoot” draws to the button for chocolate bars as rewards for the closest girl’s and boy’s rock to the pin.  The winners of the bars were Victoria Grady (32″) and Luis Reuber (12″). Congratulations to Victoria and Luis.

We also had our awarding of pizzas to two of our Junior curlers for their successes with the selling of the rink’s 50/50 tickets. The pizzas are being donated to Chedabucto’s Junior League by AA Munro Insurance, Antigonish.  AA Munro Insurance’s much appreciated generosity and assistance is definitely serving as an incentive to encourage the Juniors to sell their 50/50 tickets. Wednesday’s two Juniors to receive Big G’ large pizzas for selling 50/50 tickets were Victoria Grady and Jenna Dort. The next selections for the Juniors’ pizza certificates — and the final awarding of Junior curler pizza winners for this curling season —  will be after the March Break and in three weeks on March 30th. My thanks goes to the Juniors, their parents, families, and friends who assisted with the selling of the 50/50 tickets — and also to AA Munro Insurance for making our awarding of pizzas possible. With the goal of having an even larger win for our next winning-ticket draw, that 50/50 prize will be drawn on Saturday, March 19, at the Chedabucto CC versus Canso CC Boyd Trophy Spiel which is being played over the March 19 & 20 weekend. On Saturday, the 19th we are at the Chedabucto CC and then on Sunday we will be hosted by the Canso CC.

My sincere thanks and best regards to all.

PS With next Wednesday, March 16, being March Break, there will not be a Junior curling session.