Attendees for Curling rink’s season-closing dinner and awards Friday, April 8…

Wow, is how I describe the responses to next Friday’s season-closing dinner and awards at the St. Francis Harbour Parish Hall.  I have submitted a 94-person dinner count to the Ladies Auxiliary for their roast-beef meals preparation. (Happy hour 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM with dinner at 7:00 PM.)

If there are folks who would like to join us I’ve started a cancellation list to be used should there are people who unexpectedly cannot attend and there be others who now want to attend. We are using the waiting-list approach because we are required to pay for all of the 94 dinners as ordered.

If you or someone you know now want(s) to attend please contact me with names and contact information so I can add the name(s) to the waiting list.

Cheers 🙂