Info on the Curling Store…

Our last official day of the season will be Saturday April 2, 2016. Our retail store will only be open by appointment after that until September 10 or 17. We still have quite a bit of stock if you happen to be looking for something.

I haven’t received much from the suppliers regarding new product, prices etc for the upcoming season in the fall of 2016. I am hearing through the grapevine about price increases due to the low Canadian dollar but won’t know more until I start getting some price-lists. Tournament/Ultima has decided to stay in the curling business but with a very limited line including the Eagle shoe, grippers, elastic sliders and a brush. 8 Ender is no longer in the business at all and it sounds like hair heads are on their way out of the sport permanently.

We thank you for your continued support of our Nova Scotia owned small business. We have had another successful season after a bumpy start last February/March and are already looking forward to next season. Our great customers make it all possible and we appreciate it.


Scott Bowers
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