Jobs to be done at BBQ / Ducky race / games of chance…..

Several members have committed to various jobs at this Sunday’s BBQ / Ducky race but more hands are needed. (Males’ or females’ welcome.) Phil and I are going out on Thursday morning at 10:00 to move the fire-pit bricks and the entertainment platforms plus get the beer garden fence erected. We will need some hands to assist.

On Sunday morning the tables and chairs must be moved out of the ice-making plant room to the beer garden’s enclosure via Steve Myette’s truck at 11:00 AM. Hands are definitely needed for that task.

We will need three people to be in the brook to drop the ducks into the stream at the start line at a time to be determined on Sunday afternoon pending the tide. One more person is needed to hold the finish-line net.

(Mike Nicholson is your guy-in-charge for the ducky race.)

A big job that tends to fall to a very few is the cleanup at the end of the day after the chicken is sold (approx. 4:00 PM). All garbage and meal scraps need to be collected and sorted for a Monday-morning pickup.

The fence must be dismantled and returned to storage. The tables and chairs must also be returned to their storage. If it rains the chairs go into the club room (and not stacked) to enable them to dry and then are returned to the back room at a later date. The tables can be returned as usual.

Since I will not be there on Sunday, Mike Nicholson has kindly agreed to replace me — for the day. 🙂 So as to ensure that the necessary workers are available — please — check with Mike to see if anything needs to be done before you leave. Mike is Sunday’s go-to guy. (Thank you Mike.)

Please keep a frequent check on your emails for any updates that might be coming your way as we get things arranged for Sunday.

Cheers — and thanks to all who make our rink’s BBQ/Ducky race/Games of chance fundraiser weekend an annual successful event.