Thank you Brian, Phil, Avery’s — and buyers…..

I want to present four thank-you acknowledgements.

To Brian Farrell, a tad late but still a sincere thanks, for checking 900+ ducks to make certain they were “swimable” and then for sorting them again after their race. Because the ducks are simple plastic forms, they must be checked again next summer prior to their race to ensure that they will continue to swim and not decide to sink.

To Randy and Sharon Avery, a thank you for asking the curling rink to conduct a BBQ at the Independent today. With that thanks I want to express our gratitude for the fact that all BBQ goodies were sold to the rink at Avery’s costs. How much profit made today is unknown at this time — since we have yet to pay our bill. I can assure you that, after the rink pays our bill on Tuesday, we made enough profit to pay for a couple of months of the rink’s phone bills.

To the curling chef: Phil O’Regan, thank you for being there today to cook away while I did the easy stuff such as keep him supplied with burgers, dogs, plus buns — and collected the money. 🙂

The remaining thank you goes to those who purchased the burgers, dogs, pop and water. Without you it would have been much different day.

As far as I am aware, today “should be” the concluding curling rink fundraiser of this summer. The next necessary calling will be for putting the ice back in late October for a tentative early November startup. It seems strange to be thinking of installing curling ice with the present heatwave but that is the reality of our rink’s existence and survival.

Enjoy the balance of your summer, stay safe — and keep your eyes open for curlers to join us in October/November as the Chedabucto Curling Club prepares for the 2016-2017 season.

My best wishes to all.