International students at Chedabucto Curling Club….

On Saturday, November 4, the Chedabucto Curling Club, Boylston, played “Host to the World”. More than 30 international students, from schools throughout the Strait Regional School Board and enrolled within the Nova Scotia International Students Program (NSISP), were provided with curling instruction by the Turning Point Curling School’s Donalda Mattie with assistance from Chedabucto CC members.

The students, from 13 different countries within Europe, Asia, Central and South America, enjoyed their first-time-on-ice-for-many experiences. All participants finished off their fun-filled day with a “Big G” pizza treat before heading home to their host families.

The NSISP is active in nine different schools in the Strait Regional School Board and continues to invite inquiries about hosting international students as participants within the Board’s popular educational program appropriately named “Welcome the World to your Home”.

Photo: Jim Muise

International Students at the rink..

International Students at the rink..