Thank you to Wayne, Mable and George plus those who attended….

Thank you to Wayne and Mable Hyam plus George Luddington for their efforts and donations to enable the use of our rink this past Saturday evening for a curling social.

The participants had a 4-ender game and then two games of banging a turkey around the ice. The first turkey shoot was for a box of chocolates that was donated by Mable and won — but shared — by Evelyne Jamieson. The second shoot was for the turkey that was donated by George and won by Vanessa Dort.

In addition to the members (adults and juniors) who showed up to participate and/or to watch there were 2 new-to-curling participants who also had an enjoyable evening. As well as curlers there were spectators present to enjoy the curling and our facility.

Wayne, Mable and George did a great job of pulling things together for the enjoyment of those who attended. It would be nice if such socials could become monthly gatherings thereby enabling our rink to be used more often and possibly attracting new members.

Cheers :