Junior winners of pizzas February 3….

At today’s juniors coaching session Heather Demarco assisted by selecting two names from a container containing the juniors’ names of those who had sold books of 50/50 tickets. Since a name had been included for each book sold and the juniors  all had sold more than a single book, each had their name included numerous times.

My sincere thank you goes to AA Munro Insurance for purchasing the Big G pizza certificates that are awarded to the juniors for selling 50/50 tickets. The two lucky juniors who were selected in today’s random draws were Aidan Halloran and Vanessa Dort. I thank all juniors (their parents & family members) for selling 50/50 tickets and also those who purchased tickets. (The next 50/50 draw for the money prize will be on Saturday, February 11.)

Best regards,