Some Thank You’s to club members….

On behalf of all at Chedabucto CC my thank you goes to Scott Hart for constructing and donating the overhang/roof cover for our newly installed heat pump. Scott gave heat pump’s exterior apparatus some protection from the weather (rain/snow/ice) by building it an overhang protection.

The Club’s interior sign advertisements are vital sources of revenue for our curling rink. On behalf of Chedabucto CC, Vice President Phil is in the process of acquiring two new sign advertisement renters and their signs will be located on a score board and to cover the 7UP signs — the 7UP signs were there rent free.

Brian MacDonald has installed vinyl strips above and below the 7UP stickers so we can insert the two new renters’ advertisements there when their signs are constructed and the rentals finalized. Brian M. also has fixed the door knob onto ice 2 so now it works when rotated both ways and not appear to be locked if its turn goes in the opposite direction.

We all “occasionally” glance at the score boards and tend to look at them once or twice during games.  Those two prominent and very visual locations will be generating $200.00 each per year for our rink. (If you know of others who would like to rent sign locations — please let our sign advertisement signs’ person-in-charge, Phil — or me know so one of us can make contact.)

On behalf of all at Chedabucto CC, thank you Brian and Phil for your ongoing acts of volunteerism that help to enable the curling rink to be a successful organization and a place of recreational activities with lots of laughter. 🙂

Thanks Scott, Brian, and Phil