Chedabucto CC’s season-closing dinner and awards….

The first thing I am pleased to state is Nova Construction, Antigonish, has agreed to pay for all the juniors’ dinners at our May 5 celebration.

We are getting to the deadline for me to submit the names of members, supporters, parents and guests who will be attending the CCC season-closing dinner and awards celebration.

The St. Francis Ladies Auxiliary have set the numbers to attend at 100 which means that there still is room to reserve your dinner — and also to use the spaces available if you wish to bring guests. (If we are putting in the energy to have this gathering, let’s go for the maximum of attendees.) If you know of others who might like to attend and they do not use a computer, please contact them.

The night will involve — besides the delicious roast beef dinner — recognizing the Chedabucto CC’s winning league teams as well as presenting awards to several of the juniors.

I am required to have the attendee count submitted this week so the ladies can shop for our food. Please get back to me ASAP (by bedtime tomorrow, Thursday) so I can submit the dinners’ count. The cost is

$18.00 per adult and once you order you will be expected to pay since the cost goes to the Ladies Auxiliary.

Best wishes,