Assistance being sought re curling rink’s expansion/renovation….

This Wednesday, June 21, 7:00 PM, Shauna Brymer and I are having a brief meeting at the curling rink to continue with seeking financial assistance for the curling rink’s expansion/renovation from sources other than the Chedabucto Curling Club’s membership.

The intention for this Wednesday evening’s brief meeting is to share ideas regarding possible contributors to approach and then to begin to investigate whether or not they will be willing/able to assist our curling rink’s expansion/renovation project.

If you are able to help, whether it is doing some online research, making a few inquiries or seeking advice regarding successful procedures, etc. in order to gain financial assistance for the Chedabucto Curling Club, your participation will be appreciated.

If you want to assist but cannot attend this Wednesday, please tell me so we can include you in our activities.

Our hope is for others to participate with us thereby ensuring that the task of finding the funding is shared and expanded so as to reach  the Chedabucto Curling Club’s construction goals.

Best regards,