Stick pick prizes for Chedabucto CC’s Chicken BBQ….

It is 6 months until Christmas Day but only 4 weeks until the curling rink has its annual chicken BBQ, ducky race and stick picks on Sunday, July 23.

So as to make the curling rink’s stick pick successful we need prizes to present. Curling rink members, and hopefully some supporters, are asked to donate at least two items (a value of $5.00 or greater) towards the stick picks.  It is always an incentive to buy sticks when there are also several larger prizes on display for the lucky stick selectors; therefore, is you are able to donate or can obtain a higher-valued prize, that will be greatly appreciated.

In the past we have had members approach their work places or the businesses which are recipients of the member’s financial support and request items that proved to be very popular with the stick buyers. Many businesses have promotional items that they purchase solely to promote their businesses; therefore, if they want to provide those items to the stick pick via you, we will be please to accept.

The prizes can be given to any member of the executive by Wednesday, July 19, for the prizes’ numbering in preparation of the 23rd’s draws. I have Cc’d this email to the executive so you will be aware of those who oversee — with much appreciated help from members — the yearly operation of the Chedabucto Curling rink.

With my apologies to be making another request when you likely already have been contacted for assistance regarding other community endeavours seeking support — but — the curling rink’s chicken BBQ, ducky race and stick picks are major fundraisers that go directly towards the curling rink’s annual $30,000 operational requirements. (The financial requests for support towards the curling rink’s renovation/expansion are going directly into a separate curling rink bank account for the expenses of that worthwhile endeavour.)

Best regards,