Recent updates on our renovations at the club….

Scott and Mike have been busy. The attached photo below was taken on Friday, August 11. (The work is being done and the bills are arriving.) The door to your left is the dehumidifier-room door that opens onto ice 1. The exposed mid point in the wall is the area where the change area will open into the lounge. The foundation’s protruding foreground is the mudroom’s entrance into the rink. The window and door on your right will be closed over with a donated window going into the location of the present entrance’s door. The small window visible to your right will be relocated to the mudroom entrance. We are getting there. It will definitely be right some good when it is completed.

Floor is complete…

As we anticipated and as happens with all renovation/construction jobs: unanticipated expenses do arise. We knew that the rink’s yard was a wet mess during all times of rain and winter slush. The reality is that a great deal of rain runs off the Reddy’s Hill road and onto the rink’s property.

The property’s elevation was examined and we saw that its slope was not working with us. So as to direct that runoff away from the rink and prevent a lot of it from running onto the property and up to the building, the decision was made to have the attached photo’s drainage weeping pipe installed and covered in stones along the length of the building and on the entire Reddys Hill side of the parking lot. That drainage pipe will carry runoff to the stream via the back of the ice shed and also out to the main roadway’s ditch thereby improving the yard’s condition. We are investigating the cost and means by which we might be able to put class A gravel onto the entire parking lot. Of course — all of this will put more expenses into the overall project therefore we must find the means to acquire that task’s necessary funding.

Stay tuned — challenges are ahead of us but we will succeed.