Car dealership sales/business appeals and curling rink expansion/renovation…

The curling season approaches with the expansion of our rink underway — with the bills are arriving for their payments.

As of today, we have raised only the grand total $60,000 towards our $210,000.00 goal with many personalized appeal letters having been sent and gov’t departments contacted. (We really hope that the low financial-assistance response it is due to it still being summer and not reflection of a lack of support for our curling rink’s improvement needs.)

My request today is for you to make a personal contact with wherever you purchased your vehicle (and do your household’s business). My rationalization is basic: You buying your vehicle / spending your dollars gave that business the means to assist with their survival. Conversely, we need businesses’ assistance to enable the Chedabucto CC to complete our expansion/renovation challenge.

Contacts were made and then personalized letters have been sent/delivered to the appropriate recipients at Keltic Motors, Antigonish; Canso Ford, Port Hawkesbury; and Central Nova Subaru, New Glasgow, for their consideration to assist the Chedabucto CC’s financial-support appeal. (As of yesterday’s mail delivery, there have been no responses from those three dealerships. A verbal request from you if you bought your vehicle(s) at one of those three would be appreciated.)

The procedure was for a contact to have been made by someone who purchased a vehicle(s) from a dealerships regarding to whom would our appeal be sent and then that request with the accompanying information was mailed/delivered.  Considering the fact that many of us have given ten of thousands of dollars to dealerships, it would be to the curling rink’s assistance for some dollars to be returned back to Chedabucto CC as donations/advertisement expenses or whatever categories that can be used by businesses to justify their output of finances.

Your assistance is definitely required.

Thank you


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