Curling rink expansion/renovation single photo update as of September 2….

Things are moving forward with the curling rink’s expansion/renovation construction. The attached photo indicates the new main entrance to the photo’s left with the secondary exit door in the former furnace room to your right. The former furnace room will be used as a holding area for the compost bin, garbage and the bar’s empties, as they await their removal.

The small window that was in the lounge is now in the entrance area to your left. The donated window in the photo’s centre has been placed where the main doorway was located .

The single rectangular cut-out window space to your left by the work bench is for one of the two accessible washrooms. Insulation still covers the second washroom’s window as it awaits the delivery of the expansion’s windows.

The roof trusses are to arrive this week for the roof’s installation.

The windows and doors will be arriving shortly. The exterior entrance door for the dehumidifier room is located off camera behind the expansion.

Thank you to Scott and Mike for their efforts and skills to get this project finished. Thank you also to Maurice for overseeing the project as the Chair of the Expansion/Renovation Committee.

If you are in the rink’s neighbourhood, stop by to inspect and to admire. 🙂