New curling members also welcome and dues

With the curling rink’s ongoing construction (stop by and peek), the hope is to have our curling season tentatively starting  on Monday, November 13. Neil is contacting folks regarding day curling and Phil is overseeing the night curling. Teagan Lombardo is overseeing the Juniors with assistance from me and Phil. It would save them time if you would reach out and confirm, or not, your return.

We hope that all will be returning for another season of curling with new participants joining us. If you know of anyone please contact him/her and put in a plug for them to join. Pass along prospective members’ names /  contact information to Neil, Phil, or Teagan, depending on the league. Their emails are copied so you can reach out and notify them of prospective curlers.

At last Thursday’s general meeting, resulting from a motion from the floor, it was overwhelming passed that dues will increase in all categories by 10%. The now-former-dues included the 15% HST as well as our annual fee to the Nova Scotia Curling Association (NSCA).

The total dues, which will also include HST and NSCA fees, for our

2017-2018 season are as follows (

Day League/Night League (one dues covers both): $255.00

Juniors: $50.00

Social: $30.00

Family, residing in the same residence: $510.00

Looking forward to seek all back at the renovated and expanded curling rink. 🙂