Chedabucto Curling Club vs Highland Curling Club results are in….

Today, Feb. 21st, the Chedabucto CC brought home the Meyers Trophy as a result of the annual competition between the Chedabucto CC and the Highlander CC..

We had two days over the past couple of weeks when the Highlander CC came to Chedabucto CC and then we returned to their rink today. When the total points were counted, Chedabucto CC (233 pts.) was victorious over Highlander CC (170 pts.).

We will proudly display the Meyers Trophy for another year within our Boylston location and then see what next year brings as a result of the 2019 event.

A great time was had between the senior curlers from both rinks and all look forward to the annual enjoyment and hospitality provided by this friendly and recreational competition.

To all who participated: Thank You!

To the good folks from the Highlander CC: Your hospitality and sportsmanship is always golden.

(Some of the Chedabucto CC were available for the attached photo after the final games were played this afternoon.)

Good curling,