Junior curling program expanding within Chedabucto Curling Club 2018-2019…

I am very pleased to announce that another step forward has happened to enable the junior curling program to expand within the Chedabucto Curling Club in the 2018-2019 curling season. Yesterday I met with Principal Avery, Chedabucto Education Centre / Guysborough Academy and she was very supportive to the idea of expanding our junior curling program to include youngsters (tentatively) aged 6 years to 10 years, to be known as (tentatively) Little Rockers, in the upcoming curling season.

Andrew Paris, Nova Scotia Curling Association, has confirmed that he is willing to travel to Guysborough this Fall so as to conduct introductory curling sessions within the school in conjunction with Mr. LeBlanc’s Physical Education Program for which details will be finalized and announced in September.

At this time we do not know the day(s) of curling nor do we know the coaching arrangement(s) or the dues to curl; those will be coming in the Fall.

This is an exciting time for the Chedabucto Curling Club as we near the completion of our renovations/expansion and welcome additional and year-round uses for our modernized accessible lounge (building) as demonstrated by The Guysborough Players’ performance this Sunday, May 20, and the memorial reception held for the late Gordon Pyle on April 14, 2018.

If you know of youngsters who might be interested in becoming junior curlers please inform them (their parents) of this notice and next September’s announcements of more curling details for their options to participate. (At this stage, inquiries are to be directed to me.)

Best regards to all,

Ray Bates, President, Chedabucto CC