Chedabucto Curling Club stick delivery clinic…

For those who are using the delivery stick or are considering giving it a try:

There have been some inquiries about the Club having a stick-delivery clinic. I have been speaking with Nova Scotia champion stick-delivery Bill Spinney regarding another stick-delivery workshop similar to the one he and his team partner, Ron Crowell, gave at the Club several years ago. This could be an excellent opportunity for those of us who use a stick to have a refresher course plus expose those considering the stick method to give it a try with top-quality instructions.

This workshop WOULD NOT be part of the curling clinic that Phil and Turning Point are organizing for November 3; it will be on a separate day and at a different cost.

At this stage, we are still in the inquiry stage. The cost divided to the participating Club members would be Bill and Ron’s travel costs from Truro and back plus their dinners. If we get non-members we can charge them a set fee.

Let me know by Tuesday (September 18th) if you are interested so I can have a number to work with.