Night League sign-up time….

It is getting close to curling season again. Ice is going to be starting on Oct. 9th with the 1st flood of the sand. We hope to have it ready to go on by Oct. 27th for the Open House. I need to know from all of you if you are coming back for another season of Night Curling (Day curling is handled by Gerry, Neil and Don). If so I need to know which positions (1st, 2nd and 3rd choices). Also, if by chance, you can only curl on a certain night whether it be Tues or Thurs? Depending on the amount of teams we have this year we may consider a Wed night draw. On paper right now, based on last years teams, I have enough for 8 full teams (including some Juniors) with 2 additional players plus 6-8 spares. The season we hope will start on Tues Nov. 6th at 7pm. Please reply to this email or call me at 902-533-2539 at home or 902-863-8922 (cell).
Phil O’Regan
PS If you know of anyone new (or old) that wants to curl let me know.